Males involved in school violence

Now-a-days school violence is indeed a great disaster for the school and students as well. It is growing at a rapid rate and with more and more violent activities happening in the school and the workplace, the image of schools as well as nations is on the stake.


According to the recent flow of the statistics regarding bullying, school violence is growing at a rapid rate. Bully people and students have affected the life of others including students, teachers and parents as well. This is not just a simple violent behavior and teasing that harm others, but it is a matter of serious concern that needs required amount of attention for the prevention and correct remedy. Millions of children are affected from the problem of school violence. Because of this problem the studies of other students is also affecting in a very poor manner. As per the surveys and reports, it is already proved that one student out of ten who drops out from the school is involved in the school violent activity like bullying, teasing etc.


Generally it is seen that most of the students especially boys create problems in school in order to show their masculinity. It is a serious concern that most of the boys form gangs and then tease other students and teachers as well. They do every thing they like as per their interest. They disturb the environment of schools and create many problems for those who protest them. They consider themselves as a school administrator and do everything as per their mind. It is seen that some students do not go to schools regularly and when teachers complain or protest against them then they get violent and go for fighting and other activities that come under the area of school violence.


Recent survey has shown that approximately 282,000 students are physically teased and attacked by other students and people every month. Experts suggest some measures to cure such type of activities. First of all the person who is harmed by anyone should report to respective administration as soon as possible so that the right action can be taken well in time. It has been found that most of the incidents including violence are going on without reporting because of the fear of harm from the culprits. Generally students fear that if they will report the activities of violent students to the school administrators then they will have to face more teasing and bullying.


Some reports even state that most of the students are involved in gang violence in order to show their personality and power among friends. They use guns, revolvers and other weapons including knives for harming or killing others.


In order to stop school violence, schools should follow certain rules and regulations and help children affected from school violence. Usually it is seen that most of the students go for doing violent activities because of the impact of the surrounding environment like if the parents do fight and use abusing language then they also do the same in the schools. It is noteworthy that proper love, affection, compassion and support for the other activities can prevent school violence to some extent.