School Violence in Urban Areas

Schools in the urban areas are the most affected by school violence. It is mainly because of the reason that students have easy access to all kinds of illegal things and activities. For example, students in the urban areas have the luxury of using the internet to find out whatever they desire. They can just type in the required content in any search engine and all the information regarding that subject is in front of them in a jiffy. If internet was the only benefit for these urban children then life would not have been so tough. They have easy access to drugs, weapons and all other illegal activities like sexual harassment and porn.


Urban areas contribute about eighty one percent of the total cases of violence in the whole of United States of America. The reasons for such huge number of cases of violence to happen in the urban areas are because of many reasons. Some of them were mentioned earlier in the previous passage. But there are still many more reasons which contribute to school violence in large schools. The first and foremost reason is that most students in the urban areas are children of a wealthy family where both the father and mother are working. This means that the child is never given the proper attention, care or affection which is needed in the adolescent age.


The children of such high profile families will be on their own most of the times which means that their chances of getting into the wrong path are very high. Since these parents do not give much attention to their children, these students tend to get involved in activities like drug abuse and sexual harassments. This is one type of students who are disturbed because of negligence. There is another type of students who develop hatred and an arrogant attitude over the period of years due to severe psychological pressure and lack of love from their parents.


The second type of students is the main reasons for violence in school because they try to dominate or beat up other students. Another reason for increased violence in urban schools is because of the television media. The television media allows students to watch movies that depict gore and violence and other illegal activities which the students try to imitate because of their fascination. There are some entertainment shows like the wrestling shows and fighting shows which drive these young minds go crazy and fascinated and they are easily prone to imitate the moves on their friends which could end up in a brawl.


Another main reason for school violence to happen in urban schools in a larger extent is because of the high number of students studying in that particular school. A normal classroom should have about 35-40 students for a teacher to take care of each and every student. But these large schools accommodate around 60-70 students in a single classroom which means that teachers do not exactly have the grasp over all the students.