Survey on School Violence:

One of the biggest concerns of our time is school violence. All over the United States of America, numerous schools are affected by the effect of school violence. And it’s not restricted inside the United States of America. Lots of other countries are affected by school violence. The state of violation and aggression among the students became so high that using dangerous weapons like knife and gun inside school premises also noticeable. And other students as well the teachers are also at danger because of this behavior. The violent incident by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris in side Columbine High School of Colorado is definitely one of the gruesome incidents. In that shocking incident 12 students lost their life as well one teacher. The injured toll reached up to 23. If the violence level is so high at that age it will reach to terrifying high by the time the child will grow up to a mature.

                But the incident of Columbine High School is not an isolated one time incident. If we look back in time we will see numerous similar incidents where the life of students and teachers are threatened. Even recent surveys also agree that the situation is getting critical as the incidents are increasing every day and many schools are struggling with this situation. The rate of threatening or injuring with weapons at high school is form 7% to 8%. The violations like theft, fight, vandalism are increased at school campus. According to survey performed on School principles by U.S Department of Education, it is eminent that in a one academic year 10% of schools are facing serious crime while another 6%  facing minor crime. Fighting, vandalism and thefts are high among them. The violence performed with weapons and without as well. Another survey on students by U.S Department of Education revealed that 8% students were beaten by the violent students. In depth about 11% faced violation inside school campus while 13% attacked by different types of weapons. The most common reasons of the violence are either robbery or threatening.

                Proper measures should be taken to prevent this kind of situations. The parents and teacher must look after that students future must not be affected because of this violent behaviors. The good part is this violation can be controlled with proper and organized steps. Depression, stress or anxiety can play major role for a child to become violent. The proper care taken by parents and teachers as well an healthy and loving atmosphere at school and home will definitely help. Parents and teachers are also responsible for a child. They should communicate the child. They must try to understand the situation and concern. In case of difficulties professional helps can be taken. Counselors or physiatrists help can be taken in this case. The child also learns from the surroundings, hence providing a clean and healthy surrounding is also the responsibility of parents and teachers. If proper measures are taken it’s not difficult to cure violent behavior from a child.