Ten Percent of Teachers in Czech Republic Consider Quitting Over School Violence

A recently published study in the Czech Republic showed that 10% of secondary public school teachers are considering quitting their jobs because of harassment by students. This study, entitled “The Teacher as the Victim,” state that these teachers are wishing to leave the profession because of what they say is an increase in both physical and verbal attacks by students.

This increase in aggressive behavior toward teachers is becoming a widespread problem in Europe, but there are certain factors within the Czech school system that has made the situation more severe. For instance, it is believed that sending the especially motivated and gifted children to other school districts is harmful to the schools as a whole. There is not enough diversity within individualized districts to keep a balance within the student body.

A balance within the student body means that there are enough students of different levels to result in different behavioral types rather than a single type within the same school, which can be rather taxing on teachers. Teachers can also react to their classroom situation in a negative way, which can trigger negative reactions amongst the students. There are many factors that are the faults of the students and not the faults of the students that can lead to violence. However, this is not saying that such violence is the fault of teachers. It is the reactions of the students that make the difference.

Other Causes

Another cause is students that are placed within classes that are beyond their level. These students can become frustrated; therefore they can resort to abusive behavior in order to curb that frustration.

There are also students who are simply troublemakers and don’t behave properly. These are students that bully both teachers and other students.

There is also a theory that the predominantly female staff within Czech school districts is a contributing factor. Experts agree that a mixed staff would help curb some of the abuse that teachers are experiencing. Some students view female teachers as passive and they feel this gives them a license to harass those teachers.

Getting more men to take teaching jobs within the Czech school systems seem highly unlikely because of the extremely low salaries that exist within the education sector. As of now, the only solution to harassment of teachers by students seems to be psychological counseling for teachers to deal with it. This is meant to better prepare them to deal with the problem.


The way in which bullying of teachers and of other students could be stopped is through proper education. Nevertheless, this does not seem to be happening. Better discipline of students is also not happening within the schools, adding to the problem. If better disciplinary action and more meetings with parents would occur, the behavior could stop. However, the true behavior modification tool is at home via the parents.