Violence in Small Schools: A statistical Analysis

Although the reports in a local newspaper in United States say that the events like hostility and annoyance are one of the big evils taking place in the urban areas.  But this is not completely true. In fact school violence is not just restricted to the urban regions. 

School cruelty is one of the major concerns in many of the schools located near the US-Mexico boundary.  Honestly speaking, it is not possible to judge the school violence simply on the basis of common and public health factors. School brutality is one of the chief barriers in the field of education. Student’s capability to study is unfavorably slowed down because of school violence.

An assessment carried out in 38 rural school regions played a crucial part in finding out the real facts and figures about the school violence taking place. A careful authentication and was made of the school violence and oppression and then the survey report was accomplished. Some of the astonishing facets were disclosed in the final report.  It was in fact vital to make a correct judgment of the quantity or rather the degree of school violent behavior taking place in the small municipality schools. Report said that within a phase of 12 months at school, more than 50% students had fought using their fists or some kind of arms in their hands like knives.  Adding to that, percentage of boys carrying pointed things like blades was also about 50%. 

A large number of school boys have been involved in severe crimes like rape, battering, stealing etc in the period of 12 months. Figures also disclose that around 37% of the students had been endangered to slay and about 16% of the students had been robbed. The catalog not only winds up here.  One of the strangest things is that around 18% of 15 to 17 year old boys had accepted a pistol at school. These young students are not only involved in aggravation, fighting and hounding only. While being at school, more than 15% of these students had been greedily bothered and beaten, often frequently.   It was also figured out that young students were involved in many of the rape cases.

Proper steps have to be taken in order to stop this unlawful act. Hiring of a professional and skilled psychologist within the school compound is necessary or a parent children therapist is also not a bad idea. Both parents and students have to be involved in this process in order to stop any of these kind of adverse incidences. Preclusion plans can be based upon alertness and regulating teams. Strict lawful actions should be taken for breaking the law on a parallel basis. In order to realize the mental needs of students the educational staff has to be taught according to needs.

Some harsh realities are still suppressed in order to defend the pride of these government schools. Otherwise all these reports and surveys may prove to be gut-wrenching.


Proper measures should be taken right away !