Influence of Physical Attacks on School Violence

Though physical attacks on students are also regarded as one form of school violence, there is a slight difference between both. The degree of physical attacks can vary i.e. a small bash or hit to the head by one student to another student is also one form of physical attack. This cannot be termed as school violence. This form of physical attack will be classified as something called as a cat fight or in other words it can be explained as a small difference that arises between kids at school. However when the students have grown big enough to put up a serious fight then it is when physical attack will be termed as a school violence. Let us look in carefully about the influence of physical attacks on school violence.


As stated in the previous passage, physical attacks that influences school violence is not exactly the same physical attack or fight that is picked up by a five year or a six year old kid. Physical attacks will have to be something more severe and serious if it has to have some sort of influence in school violence. Just consider a hypothetical situation where two school students who are in their teens pick up a fight because of jealousy or hatred of some sorts or any other reason like bullying or harassment. When these two students end up in a brawl, either one or both of them will have wounds of disgrace and shame to their name.


What this physical attack does on both of them is that it creates an intense arrogance or revengeful attitude. This revengeful attitude is the fodder for something more severe and serious like a murder or extreme physical harm like lynching. Another thing about physical attack is that it tends to develop groups. In a normal situation whenever a brawl takes place there will be one set of students who support one guy and another set of students who support the other guy. Thus physical attacks between two students will ultimately end up in a gang war between two groups of students and this is nothing but school violence.


It is very important for the school authorities to make sure that there are no cases of physical attacks. If they come to know about such activities then they should be strict and severe on these students. Preventing such activities at the beginning will be much easier than to do it later. Moreover if the authorities are strict it will eliminate the chances of children to pick up any fight as they will have this never ending fear of getting beaten by the school authorities and parents at the back of their minds.


Hence it is the responsibility of the parents, teachers and school authorities to make sure that the student never indulges in any form of physical harm, no matter how small or big it is. Even a small fight could grow into a severe rivalry between students.