Effects of school violence

Educational institutions right now are tackling a very serious issue of increasing school violence, and this has caused panic in residents of the United States of America.  School violence includes physical and verbal acts of harm and shame in the form of rape, theft, bullying, threats and sometimes even killing of other students and school staff members.  Teachers, parents, school officials and students a like must take immediate steps in reducing or preventing such violent behaviors among children, or else it will ruin the future of the children.

School violence has numerous effects that cause everyone to worry. These can be summarized as:

·         Strangling of the school atmosphere – school violence strangles the good atmosphere in school by disturbing the normally free flowing learning environment.  This in turn produces tension within the school walls.

·         Violent children are endangering their future – children who have violent behavior has no more interest in studying, rather they find ways in which they can act violently in the classroom and are more interested in negative things.  Because of this, these children have thrown away a perfect opportunity in creating a bright future for themselves.

·         Violent children creates problems for other children – these children would normally harass other kids during their acts of violence, which in turn makes the other children scared of attending school.

·         Violent children serves as a roadblock for other children’s future – school violence has a negative affect to other children’s learning process.  Because of violence in school, perfectly normal children are unable to concentrate on their studies, or worst they opt to skip school all together.  This in turn has a negative effect on their future.

·         Parents – it is completely normally for parents to worry about their children.  Parents want their children to be prepared for the future, thus they send them to school to study.  School violence causes parents to worry a lot since their children too might become violent.  Most parents are heartbroken once they see their children picking fight with other children or being beat up by them.

·         Nation’s growth – a nation’s growth is also affected by school violence.  Children are the future leaders of a nation, and its growth is dependent on the positive attitude of the children.  In cases where most of the children in a nation exhibit acts of violence in school, then we can only imagine a gloomy and dark future for the nation.

·         Reputation of the school – The reputation of a school is also affected by school violence.  Parents will normally steer clear and refuse to enroll their kids in a school that is unable to control or prevent incidents of school violence.

School violence creates a lot of problem for everyone, not only for those in the neighborhood but also to those who are concerned about the proper development of a child.  It is imperative that steps be taken in order to prevent or even eliminate these acts of violence in school.  Not only does it affect a child’s future, but also a nation’s future as well.