What are the setbacks of School Violence?

It is very common to read in the news about violence happening inside a school. Cases of one child beating up the other and busting his head open are very common to hear these days. It is all attributed to the irresponsible parents, teachers, school authorities, friends circle and the impact of television media. The disturbing fact about school violence is that is it has lots of setbacks and the impact is so huge that the affected individuals are never the same after a particular incident.


Talking about the setbacks of school violence it is pretty strange that not many recuperate to be the same person as they were before the incident. This can be cited with the Columbine High School Massacre. The two students who killed 13 other individuals and finally themselves were victims of school violence. Yes, they were both the victims and the reasons for school violence. They were constantly bullied and verbally abused by the people around which made them feel very irritated and they let their fury out by killing the people. Now this is a prime example of a setback of school violence.


Had the students been left alone then there would not have been a Columbine High School Massacre incident. If they had not been victims of bullying and abuse then they have been earning a sufficient income for their parents by this time now. Now see the loss incurred due to this terrible school violence. Not only did they damage their family but also thirteen other innocent families. These wounds will never heal and the parents and the close relatives are the ones who are most affected now.


This is one form of setback. Now there is another form of setback in the case of school violence which is specific about the affected students. Children who are constantly beaten up or verbally abused by bullies in the class tend to develop an inferiority complex. This inferiority complex will render them ineffective in dealing with situations in the future. The child will have fear of all forms when he is affected very badly because of school violence. The child never grows into an adult. He will remain a victim of fear and be confined to a zone from which he will never be able to recuperate.


The setbacks of school violence is not only associated with the parents or children. It also sends shivers down the spine of the teachers and the school authorities as well. The schools will be shut down once and for all meaning that because of two or three bullies causing school violence, the entire school is being shut down. Now the problem of schools being shut down is not crucial, it is the life of the other innocent students which is affected. These students have to look for new schools and new admissions which will invariably affect their studies and other related activities. So school violence is a very sensitive issue and its impacts are so very high to be experienced. Hence it is very important that we take steps and measures which will eliminate school violence.