School violence surveys


School violence is gaining great concern in today’s era. Many schools of the United States of America are facing the problem of school violence. This problem is evident in other countries as well. Children have become so violent that they have started using weapons in the school. They are bringing knives, guns and other weapons to the school and killing a large number of people including students and teachers. Incident that took place in the Columbine High School based in Colorado was the most dreadful incident. Two students named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed one teacher and 12 students. They had injured twenty three people as well. Such kind of violent behavior should definitely be avoided at the school level. If the kids are having such high violent level at this age then imagine what they will turn out to be once they will grow up?

Story of school violence does not end here. Columbine High School case was the one incident among many such incidents. History is full of such incidents of school violence. Surveys have been done on school violence and they have also reported that school violence is increasing day by day and a large number of schools are facing this problem. Surveys have shown that fights in school, thefts, vandalism, larceny and attacks are increasing in schools. Seven to eight percent of students studying in high school have reported that they are being injured or threatened by weapons. U.S Department of Education has conducted a survey on schools principals. They have reported that ten percent schools are experiencing one serious crime and sixty six percent schools are experiencing one less serious crime in 1 school year. It includes theft, vandalism and fighting with or without weapon both. U.S Department of Education has surveyed students as well. This study revealed that violent students have beaten almost eighteen percent of school students. Thirty teen percent of students are being attacked by weapon and eleven percent has experienced violence in school. This violence was being threatened or robbed.

Schools and parents should take proper measures to reduce such kind of violence in the schools. This kind of violent behavior is hampering child’s future as well. Children will concentrate on such violent activities rather than concentrating on studies. But if parents, schools and teachers are taking proper steps and measures then such kind of violent behavior can be reduced easily. Reasons for the child having such kind of violent behavior are generally anxiety, stress, tension and depression. If parents, teachers and other school staff members are providing proper love, affection, care and compassion to the children then it becomes easy to reduce the violent behavior of the children. Proper counseling of the children can also help in reducing this absurd behavior. Psychiatrists and counselors are having specialization in this kind of field. So parents, teachers and schools can seek their help as well. It is still easy to reduce the violent behavior of a child rather than an adult. So take proper steps in the school going age.