Small School Violence

Nowadays, school violence in small schools of the rural areas has become a matter of concern. Necessary measures are been undertaken in order to prevent such violent cases.


Many people believe that urban schools are the only place where mishaps of school violence occur. But this is not true! If we make a research on school violence that occurs in small schools in the rural areas of America then there are a lot of facts that can be easily revealed by us.


According to some studies and report available on the Internet, clearly state that small children going to school in the rural outskirts are equally aggressive. The fact that the school management fails to monitor the children’s behavior is very unfortunate to hear.


When the topic is placed before the administrators of the school, the administrators can be accounted for the incident and can be expected a sensible reason from them. Firstly it’s our duty to have a look at the reports that are provided by a few recognized governmental institutes working for the same cause. In the year 1992, National Center for Education made a research and reported some facts in its statistics. The report stated that the teachers of small rural schools had experiences and perceptions about violence that were identical as urban high school teachers.


California Department of Education reported that there was an increment of 16% in the assaults in small schools within a period of four years that is from 1989 to 1992. Apart from this, cases of children possessing weapons also saw a rise by 28%.


Regarding the same issue, a smart move was taken by a parenting magazine and encouraged the parents of children going to small schools to participate in tackling the violence issue. A poll was taken by this magazine and the results were astonishing. Concerns regarding drug addiction and violence were the most amongst parents in contrast to the proficiency or grades of the teaching staff. Hard to believe though but 68% of the parents listed that the violence was the top most concern.


Privacy issues are creating troubles for school administrations and private agencies. As a result, the school administrations and private agencies are facing trouble in controlling the occurrence of violence in small schools. Few of the students are discharged after a small or a prolonged time institutional care who take admissions to small schools. In order for the protection of students, some privacy laws are designed but sooner or later the law puts the security of the teaching staff and other students available at school in danger.


A person can settle for an agreement with the schools. Some of the small schools in the rural areas are already following this method. A confidential agreement is made between the parents or guardians of children newly admitted or returned and the school administration. The agreement states that it is mandatory to exchange or share all type crucial information so that the execution of careful monitoring of newcomers or to increase the security level for others inside the school building.


Rural school administrations face one of the challenging problems and that is the shortage of well-trained and experienced staff. Modern teachers who are newly graduated can handle such kind of violence in a fashion that is more precise. Modern teacher education programs are available in order to handle the violent situation.