School Violence in Higher Secondary Schools

Higher secondary school students are the main contributors of violent activities inside the school campuses. Probably there needs no explanation on this fact that the slightly grown up children are more susceptible to getting into unnecessary activities like drug abuse, physical abuse and other forms of violent actions. The reason may be attributed to many factors. One of the factors is that the children in higher secondary schools feel that they are big enough to understand and do all that they want and whatever they do is right.


But let us come to the subject matter of violence in higher secondary schools. The National Center of Education of the United States of America has conducted numerous surveys on violence related issues inside the schools and they have reported that 85% of the cases were from higher secondary schools and the rest 15% of violence was contributed by the elementary school students. Out of these eighty five percent, seventy percent of the students belonged to the urban areas and the remaining thirty were from rural schools. This is indeed an astonishing fact that higher secondary school students are too much vulnerable to violent activities.


The statistics does not end here. The same NEC conducted on the influence of the quality of the higher secondary schools. The reports suggested that public higher secondary schools contributed more cases of violence than a private higher secondary school. The main reason is that the staffs in charge of these public schools are not responsible and they do not care about the safety and behavioral aspects of the students studying in their schools. In this regard, private higher secondary schools are better than the public secondary schools. However they too have a share of about thirty one percent towards school violence.



All of these numbers clearly suggest one thing. School violence is a result of a number of factors which include age, location and quality of the school. The age is the prime reason because grown up children cannot be tamed very easily as the small students. They also have a cocky attitude and refuse to bend even if they are subjected to severe punishments. Even if they are punished severely they only develop hatred and revengeful attitude. The location factor of school does have an influence in school violence. City schools are more susceptible because students have easy access to anything that is unwanted and illegal.


The quality of the school is the most defining factor of them all. Even if the students are rude and cocky they can be tamed with strict policies employed by the school administration. However if the school administration is weak and they do not care much about violence, physical abuse, verbal abuse and anything that is illegal inside a classroom and inside the school compound then the students have a gut feeling that they can do anything they like. It is quite disturbing to learn that government is not taking the necessary steps to improve the conditions of the public higher secondary schools in United States of America.