What is school violence?

What is school violence? School violence is any form of violent activity or activities inside the school premises. It includes bullying, physical abuses, verbal abuses, brawl, shooting etc. Bullying and physical abuses are the most common forms of violence that is associated with school violence. However extreme cases such as shooting and murder have also been listed as school violence. If you find it hard to believe then refer the examples of Columbine High School massacre in Colorado in 1999, Virginia Tech Massacre in 2007 etc. You will be stunned to find out that young students could go to such extremities.


There are many reasons for school violence. It is mainly because of bullies inside the school premises. These bullies try to dominate and tame other students which could end up in a fight that could go overboard. However bullies and arrogant children are not the only reasons for school violence to happen. Parents, teachers, school authorities and friends have their share in influencing school violence.


If you see the influence of parents in school violence then they have the maximum contribution. If the parents are not responsible and caring towards their children then it is obvious that their child will grow to be an arrogant child because the child feels neglected and all alone. So it is very important that a parent gives sufficient care and love to their children in order to make sure that their child grows with a proper attitude. They need not do something special or flamboyant to make their child happy. Just a simple pat on the back, words of praise and appreciation, fulfilling their small desires and needs can very well do the trick for you. The only important thing for a parent is to be responsible.


Coming to the influence of teachers in school violence, they have the same amount of contribution as that of a parent. A child spends nearly eight hours at school and he is under the vigil of the teachers. So it is very important that these eight hours are spent in a favorable atmosphere. The teachers should make sure that the child is not under any sort of disturbances from other bullies inside the class or do not have any problem that could possibly rise the instances of a school violence. If a teacher finds a bully child in the classroom then it is their responsibility to rectify the bully characteristics in that bully child. In all it can be summed up that teachers should be responsible and fair in their approach.


Friends have a major contribution as well. A good quality circle of friends will mean that the child is growing in a healthy environment and the chances of him being rude or arrogant are very less and thereby eliminating chances of school violence. However if the friends are bad then it would be very difficult for an adolescent child to develop a proper attitude. Hence such bad company of friends should be avoided by the child in order to ensure that he is never in the wrong path.