Crimes in School Violence

In the earlier days school violence was the term used to define the severe punishments given by the teachers and school authorities to their students on account of misbehavior or misconduct. But in the present day it is completely different. School violence means violent activities and actions carried out by children inside the school atmosphere. It is ridiculous to read that students these days are not afraid to go overboard and indulge in crimes like robbery, vandalism and go even to the extremes of committing a murder.


Some of the crimes committed by students that come under school violence category are as follows. Most of the schools in and around United States of America have problems related with physical attacks. This is one of the common forms of crimes done by school students. They are ruthless and absolutely merciless in lynching or causing severe physical harm to their classmates. I wonder how students have grown so pathetic and merciless in the recent years that they are not hesitant to even break hands and legs and even gouge the eyes of his fellow classmates. These terrible actions were once confined to a hired killer or rogues. I feel that the television media has a great hand in making the children merciless and violent.


It could have been accepted if they had stopped with such physical harms alone. They are not even afraid to take high risks such as tearing through the body of their classmates with knives or broken glass pieces. They are becoming absolutely atrocious and developing a barbaric attitude which is extremely harmful for other students, parents, society and the country on the whole. The crime committed by students does not stop here. They indulge in activities like the illegal use of drugs and narcotics. There are at least nineteen percent of the students who are victims of severe drug abuse. Where is the integrity and divinity of a school now? Schools have become places of disgrace with such unethical acts.


Other crimes done by students include sexual harassment of the girl students in the school, indulging in obscenities etc. I am sure most of you would have heard about MMS clips and sexual scandals in schools. The students these days are absolutely unethical and inhuman. It leaves a lot to be desired. Now, what exactly should be done in order to bring down such crimes in schools? There is only one way and that is to be responsible. Each and everyone involved in maintaining the integrity of students, schools, society and the country should be responsible enough to make the students go in the right path.


Government should implement laws that are severe on school authorities to check on the activities carried out by students which will invariably put pressure on the teachers to be more responsible as well. When teachers become responsible, the parents are naturally into the fray. They will automatically become responsible and so will the children thereby reducing the crime rates in schools.