School Violence Types

School violence is an issue that is posing severe harm to most of the schools in United States of America. It is not only the United States of America but schools all around the world which is gravely affected by this problem. The peculiar thing about school violence is that it has taken many forms over the years. If the authorities try to arrest one type of school violence then another type arises from the corner. It is indeed very difficult for a normal school administration to take control of the situation if they do not understand the various types of school violence.


School violence types are classified mainly into school violence by teachers and school violence by students. We will learn about the contribution of students first. Bullying is one of the common forms of school violence. In bullying, a dominant child or a gang of students will try to harass or tease other students who are less aggressive. This type of school violence is found in most schools and even with strict measures and policies the authorities are not able to control it mainly because of the reason that it is natural for students in the same class to tease each other. Bullying has several types in it as well. Verbal abuse, physical attacks and terrifying are the types of bullying activities. Physical attacks may vary from the degree of damage it does to the affected child.


Another type of school violence is to indulge in vandalism i.e. bringing thugs and other ruffians to beat up other students. This is also very common in most schools where aggressive students bring their outside friends to terrify the students who oppose them. Though these thugs might not enter the school compound they will be waiting outside to lay hands on innocent children on request of the aggressive students. This is also classified as school violence though it is not exactly inside a school campus.


Sexual harassment is also one type of school violence. Girl children are always victims of sexual harassment. Indulging in activities like sex, taking MMS clips of nudity and other unethical behavior is also classified as school violence. The use of drugs and drug trafficking is another type of school violence. Bringing knives and other harmful weapons is also a form of school violence. Drugs, sexual harassment and weapons are not as common as that of vandalism or bullying, but they do happen in certain schools. Thefts and burglary also come under school violence.


School violence by teachers is a type of violence that needs to be discussed very clearly. It is the punishments meted out to children by the teachers and school administration. This was the first instance where the term “School Violence” was used. It was used to define the excessive punishments given by teachers to their students for their mistakes. There are numerous cases where the teachers have been merciless in giving beatings and punishments which give severe psychological illness. Many children have been victims of such overboard punishments by teachers.