Another look at school violence statistics

The number of school violence reached to a significant height. The situation became so critical that it must be considered with highest importance. Dangerous and life threading weapon became very common inside the school campus. Guns and knives are used to threat and beat innocent students. The incidents are not uncommon while school violence reached to death. And not only students but teaches were also attacked.

Today’s world internet is a very effective medium of communication. If we search in internet we will find information regarding school violence. We can check the report on the school violence. The statistic is very clear and will give a clear picture of the types of school violence and its effect. The reports are generated from various sources and surveys done by different authorities.

The sites are not only informative but also effective. Parents and teachers do not have to fight with the situation unknowingly. The help is easily available and helpful. Parents and teachers also can learn how to treat kids in a proper way, the steps to be taken to ensure the prevention of school violence.

School violence became such a serious stage that even government is affected by the issue. Its very important that higher authority, teachers and parents all work together against this issue. Proper measures and steps must be taken. Future of the nation depends upon the children and that’s the reason this issue is very sensitive. Everyone must not rush to any decision. As child’s mind is very immature and sensitive we have to make sure that the measures taken are healthy and constructive.

One of the most important weapons to fight against school violence is communication. Parents and teachers must reach to the kids. They must tell the kids difference between good and bad and their consequences. They must guide the child properly through difficulties.

There are few effective steps can be taken like meditation, stress management or even anger management. Schools can arrange these activities. This will help to find out the mental health of a student. Providing the right counseling it is also easy to keep the mental stability of a student. If required the counselor can consult with the parents too. It is also very important that teachers and parents communicate with each other at a regular interval.

Parents have to make sure that the home environment is suitable for the healthy growth of the kid. They should keep a close eye on the daily activities of the kid. Televisions, computer games or Movies can be critical influences. Its parents duty to check on those. Bad company can also drive a child towards violence. Parent and teaches should keep an eye on the external influences. If a kid is facing difficult times, parents have to make sure that they give extra attention.

In modern day the race for good grade and better performance often create depression and mental illness. Parents and teacher must identify them and help the child out with positive guidance.