Surveys of school violence

School violence is becoming a matter of high concern in the present generation. Most of the schools in the USA are facing the issue of school violence. This issue is apparent in many other countries also. The students are getting so violent that they have begun making the use of weapons in the school premises, itself. They get along guns, knives or any such weapon with them in the school and do not threaten to kill the other students, teachers or the school staff. The Columbine high School event in Colorado was amongst one of the most terrified event. Two children, namely Eric H and Dylan K killed twelve other children and one teacher. Not only this, they also injured 23 other people in the school. Such type of violent behavior needs to be avoided for sure in the children of the school age. If children have such higher levels of violence at this age itself, then just imagine what will they be when they grow up?

The incidents of school violence are never ending ones. Amongst a number of schools, the Columbine High School incident was one. Researches on school violence say that thefts, fights in the schools, larceny, vandalism, attacks, etc. are on a higher rise in the schools. About ten percent of children who study in high schools say that they were threatened or injured by weapons in the school by other students. A survey was conducted on the principals of the school by the U S Dept. of Education. It says than about 15 percent of the schools experience a serious offense and about 60% of the schools experience a single serious offense in one academic schooling year. This includes fighting with weapons or without it, vandalism, theft, bullying, etc. The department of education has also conducted a survey on the children of the school. It states that the violent children beat about 20% of the other school children and 15% of them were attacked with the use of a weapon.

Parents along with the assistance of the schools and the teachers should take some effective measures to decrease this type of violence in the school. This type of violent behavior hampers the future of the child, to a great extent. However, if the teachers, parents and the schools take good steps right at the beginning before the problem seeds up, then this type of violent behavior can be easily brought under control. There are some of the most common reasons due to which the child demonstrates violent behavior in his acts. These are generally stress, anxiety, depression and tension. If the child receives proper care, affection, compassion and love not only form the parents, but also from the teachers and the other staff members, then it is very easy for him to get rid of his violent behavior. Counseling is also helpful in most of the cases. It helps to decrease this unaccepted behavior in the society. Hence, it is our responsibility to take effective steps right at the school age to prevent the child from getting wild.