Some of the disturbing patterns of school violence

School violence is a serious problem in the United States of America’s schools. It is important to note that school violence is one such problem that creates panic among students. Due to school violence, most of the students do not want even to go to school. In other words, fear of school violence gripped them so intensely that they even lose their interest in their studies. School violence not only affects students but also teachers as well. It is creating lot of problems both for teachers and parents. For preventing school violence, it is required that teachers must be trained to help solving this problem.


It is often seen that violent students always have some excuses against the other students. Their comments include statements like “he/she can’t focus in study because of the other student who is sitting next to him/her” or “the other student is disturbing him/her and he/she is unable to concentrate in his/her studies” etc. Not just that, even these violent students have problem with silent students or the students who do not take part much in the schooling activities. Teachers believe it or not, but it is true that their perceptions and thoughts can also work as reasons responsible for students turning to be violent. It is noteworthy that if a student turns into such violent situation then even proper communication is useless for him.


To understand the wrong behaviors of children just consider the situation where a student who wants to study his loving subject fails to learn it just because of nervousness. It is because of this nervousness he even fails. Afterwards because of his failure he stops coming to school. Finally if he is forced to go to school then he disturbs other students. This is how a simple student turns into a violent student.


Other reasons responsible for turning a child into a naughty child includes: lack of confidence, feeling of I can’t succeed, fear of failure, lots of expectations, getting very less opportunities for proving the capabilities and so on. These are the indications but now the question emerges what a teacher can do as an educator? You can sort out the problem by asking yourself valid questions.  You should ask the following questions to understand the behavior of violent students:


What are the reasons for disturbing the class?

How much the student is disturbing the class?

Why he doesn’t want to study?

Why he is not happy with others?

What he likes and dislikes?

What are his areas of interest etc?


If you find out the reasons of above questions then it would be easier for you to understand the behavior of child and to take steps to solve the problems of school violence.


It is also noteworthy that a proper communication can also help a lot in solving the problem of school violence. You must ask reasons from the student against his violent behavior. If the reasons are not genuine then ask the violent student what is his problem.


It is after you know the cause that you can take steps to solve the problem of school violence.