Statistics regarding Violence in Small Schools

Violence in schools has seen increment over the years and still continues to grow.  Survey reports reveal astonishing facts about the violent and unfortunate incidents occurring in schools.


A report published in a daily local of the United States stated that the harassment and violence are one of the top most problems in urban localities. This is not true! It is true that violence is a matter of serious concern but it is not limited to schools and urban localities only.


Places near the US-Mexico border are a home to a number of small rural schools. Violence in schools is also a big problem in that area. It is impossible to judge school violence solely on the basis of public health and social parameters. School violence is one of the barriers in the field of a child’s education that can severely hamper an ability of a student to learn.


Making a proper estimation about the school violence occurring in small schools was really important. Regarding this, a survey was conducted in 38 rural school districts which played a decisive role. The survey finally submitted a concluded report after thoroughly studying the victimization and violence in schools. Some astonishing facts were disclosed by the report. As per the report, more than half of the total boys in the school fought each other using handheld weapons or fists, all within a span of 12 months at school. Moreover, more than half of the total boys had carried knife or other sharp objects inside the premises of the school.


This doesn’t bring to an end of the list. Strangest thing to notice is that 18% of boys aged 15 to 17 years had carried a handgun at school. Violent profile of these boys going to school is not bound to bullying, fighting and harassment only. Last 12 months saw a huge number of small school going boys indulging in serious crimes like assault, rape, robbery etc. Statistics give a clear revelation that past 1 year saw 16% of the school going students being robbed and threats to kill had been given to more than 37% of the students. More than 15% of the students, while being at school had been repeatedly attacked and assaulted. Teenage rape cases in schools also saw a hike in its statistical figure.


Some of the people believe that status of the government schools are being protected by censoring the actual facts and figures. Or else, the figures revealed by survey reports would have been gut-wrenching.


To stop the unfortunate incidents completely from occurring in the upcoming time, appropriate steps must be taken. Strategies for prevention can be based on discipline committee, awareness, strict legal action for breaching laws etc. Organization of awareness campaigns can be made within the active participation of students and the parents in the school compound. Teaching staff need to be given adequate training in case of such situation so that the teaching staff is able to understand the psychological needs of students. Appointment of a private children/parent counselor or a professional psychologist within the school premises can also prove to be very useful.