Chaos after school violence


It seems that violence is on rise among youths in every school in most parts of the world. Day-by-day, activities such as attacks, physical fighting and shooting are becoming very common in schools. Teachers and parents should take steps for the prevention of such type of activities and they need to provide cool, happy and hygienic environment for the children that will definitely result in more success and less violence. Community leaders along with teachers and parents should work together for the prevention of school violence.
It is a noteworthy fact that most of the students who carry out any type of violence in schools are having low confidence. Some of the students use abusive language at their childhood and at the young stage it becomes daily practice. Parents, teachers and even students should care about that and must help in preventing such type of activities.  School should follow no tolerance policy for the school violence. Do not encourage and ignore these types of activities. It is advisable for the teachers that they should notice whether a child is abused verbally or physically at home and if such types of activities are occurring daily then they must file a report so that proper action can be taken against it. It is a right of all the children that they need proper love and affection at home for the growth.

School violence has revealed disastrous consequence for all the people. It is affecting not just students or teachers or parents but even the whole country. The impact of school violence is straightforward for all the people whether they are students, parents, grandparents or teachers. When students kill his classmate or schoolmate then just imagine how disgusting it seems to their parents? It is a very disastrous and more than a horrible dream.
There are many types of chaos after school violence. Everyone gets frustration by such activities. People refuse to send their child to schools after school violence. The image and respect of school and school teachers gets down by school violence. There are many cases of school violence due to which large number of people whether related to schools or not, are adversely affected.
For instance take an example of report by Washington post i.e. in the Hart Middle School three teachers were beaten and assaulted and a teen was charged for carrying shotgun with him. In the D.C. middle school only 17 percent of the students read at proficiency level and rest are included in activities like school violence. According to the post, teacher’s shortage, struggle for finding the principal, construction delays are also some of the most common chaos of school violence.
Not only boys but girls are also involved in violent activities that are occurring in the schools. According to Washington post at Dunbar High School, police arrested total of 19 girls after series of violent activities and you can also find the same at Anacostia High School.
So for the better future of nation proper actions should be taken against violent attitude.