Statistics on School Shooting

School violence is a growing issue and is a big concern in modern times. The news of school violence is not new to us anymore. There are many incidents which made big news. Uses of deadly weapons are also very frequent in these cases. There are incidents when the school violence reached to the state of mass murder.

We do not have to go far to know the details of school violence. The statistics regarding school violence is easily available on internet. The data are well categorized and informative. Parents and teachers can take help of these sites to deal with the situation. Proper guidance and counseling are also provided.

Violence is not the normal behavior for kids in general. The external influences matter a lot for a kid to act violent. It is very important for parents to provide proper atmosphere at home for healthy growth of a child. Teachers and school authorities are similarly responsible for the environment at school campus. Often the stress and the depression cause them to act violent. The pressure of achieving higher grades and reaching the expectation often cause difficult situation. Sometime if a child get isolated with some problem and cannot find anyone to help they take wrong decision with lack of experience. This also can lead them to the path of violence.

There are different stages of violence. The use of deadly weapons made it more complex and difficult. The incident of Columbine High School in 1999 is one such case. Two students named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris murdered 13 including 1 teacher and 12 students. Moreover before committing suicide they injured 23 more. But that is no isolated incident. Incidents like University of Texas massacre, Bath School Disaster and Virginia Tech massacre proved time and again that the issue of school violence is a serious issue.

Everyone involved in education system including teacher, parent and higher authority have to work together to stop this incidents permanently and effectively. It is possible that teachers and parents are not fully aware about how to handle the situation. They can always take professional help or guidance is available on internet. The information is helpful and adequate enough.

Classes can be arranged by school like anger-management class, stress-management class or even meditation class. This will help the kids to maintain their mental stability and concentrate on constructive and progressive works. On the other hand it will also help teachers and parents to know and understand the mental health of a child.

Parents must make sure that the kid does not get affected by external influences. They must check the day to day activity of the child. Usage of television must be controlled by the parents. Movies and computer games can also create critical violent attitude. Most important step is that parents create a healthy and loving atmosphere in the home.

By proper measure and effective communication between parents, teachers and students we can fight against the school violence to eliminate it.