School Violence in Elementary Schools

Most of us have a misconception that school violence is mainly because of the children in the teens. It is true that the slightly grown up children have the major contribution towards school violence but the smaller section of children do have their share in school violence as well. The violence exhibited by them might not be as severe as that of higher secondary school students. But still it is a problem to be considered seriously because arrogant small children will obviously grow up to be more violent than earlier.



Some of the violent activities done by children of the elementary school includes small fighting, spitting, poking with the pencils and other stationary items, pulling the hairs etc. These activities may sound silly to you, but believe me these activities if not kept under at the early stages will do severe damage to the character and behavior of that child. Because the child has an aggressive attitude and if he is not looked after carefully, he will grow as an aggressive child and becomes easily accustomed to performing violent actions inside the school campus.


The main reason for small children to develop an aggressive attitude cannot be defined exactly. It may be because they have this natural instinct to act violent as it may be in their genes. However experts believe that the television media is the major cause for aggressive young kids. When they watch a particular TV show or serial which shows actions like beating and other violent forms the kid easily picks that up into his brains. The obvious tendency of the child is to imitate that action on anyone else and they turn it on their fellow classmates. This kind of activities from the kids will not only result in severe harm to other kids but also to them as well.


This is not the only reason for small kids to develop such arrogant behavior. It is also because of the people around them. We all know that small kids grasp each and every minute thing and they will not forget that easily. Consider a situation where the father or mother is using foul language or any kind of verbal abuse. The kid witnessing this will take these foul words into his mind and will use it whenever he has the opportunity. Probably everyone would agree with me regarding this fact because they would have experienced this personally as well. I repeat the words again, these things may sound silly. But if these are not plucked at the early stages then it would be very difficult to change your child once he is a bit grown up.


Another very important thing that I would like to discus here is about the type of elementary school you are admitting your ward to. Public elementary schools should not be preferred because the staffs and the authorities in a public school are not as responsible in their actions as in the case of private elementary schools. A survey has reported that the violent behavior of children in private elementary schools contributed only 22% whereas public elementary schools contributed about 33%.