Females involved in school violence

According to a government report published in Washington, one out of four teen girls or females is involved in the violent activities occurring in the school or any other place including workplace.

A survey on approximately 33,000 girls aged between 12 and 17 revealed that about 26.7 percent of girls are engaged in violent activities either occurring in the schools or at the workplace. Sometimes these violent activities involve serious fight, group fight, abuse etc.

People think that at the tender age of teen, boys are generally associated with fights and violent activities but according to the observations of many reports it is proven that girls along with boys are also included in many violent activities occurring in the schools.

Generally large numbers of males are involved in violent activities for example approximately 33.6 percent males are involved in these activities as reported by a recent study. In order to prevent violent activities in the school, school administrators along with teachers and parents should work together and take appropriate actions. First of all teachers should keep an eye on the student’s activities regularly. Next teachers should impose fine on the students involved in the violent activities. School should provide healthy and cool environment for the studies and other activities as well. Proper security facilities should be arranged in schools by the school administration like schools must have guards and metal detectors. Besides schools and administration of schools, parents are also advised to take serious decision when their child is found going on the wrong way like school violence. If these measures are taken, then violent activities can be removed and prevented easily.  

According to the recent study it is revealed that around 18.6 percent females aged between 12 and 17 are involved in severe fights and activities in the schools or at workplace. About 14.1 percent females are involved in group to group fights and approximately 5.7 percent ladies/girls are those who have attacked others in order to harm them. It is even observed that some are also involved in more than one violent activity.

Those who are engaged in the activities like drinking are also creating problems in the schools or at their workplace or at the school. This rate is also higher in the cases when students belong to low income family or if they are not attending schools due to family problems. Nowadays school violence is more common phenomenon in the modern era. So in order to prevent the school violence, effective prevention techniques and activities should be undertaken.

As per the SAMHSA survey report, school violence is common and highest among blacks i.e. 38.0 percent and lowest for the people who are Asians i.e. 17.3 percent. Besides this, other groups are also included in the school violence as well for example it is 26.8 percent for American Indians, 29.0 for Hispanic and 30.2 for mixed race and among white it is 23.7 percent.

Prevention is better than cure, so not only boys but girls who are engaged in any type of violent activities should be punished and teachers along with parents must provide them proper assistance.