Ten Hard Facts about School Violence

The occurrence of school violence in the US as well as other countries of the world is baffling. One will be baffle the more if one considers the facts that revealed on school violence. The sources of their information include the following:

The US Department of Education and Justice, Department of Education, National Council on Crime and Delinquency and the Nation of Crimes, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


The facts in their raw hard form are listed below.


  1. Thirty seven percent {37%} of American students report the presence of gang in their schools.
  2. In 2000, the number of crimes at school in which students ages 12 through 18 were the victims is 2.5 million. About 186,000 of those were serious violent crimes {including rape, sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault}.
  3.  In 2000, about 29% of students in grades 9 through 12 reported that someone had offered, sold or given them an illegal drug on school property.
  4. Teenagers are two times more likely than others to be victims of violent crimes
  5. An average of one homicide event occurs every seven school days. School related

Homicides increase at the beginning of the school year and after winter breaks.

  1. The number of high school age boys who took a weapon to school 2000 is one out     every five.
  2. The number of students in the United States who carry a gun to school, on any given day is 200,000.
  3. The number separate of acts of violence reported in schools in 2002 is 10,951.
  4. Violence remains the second leading cause of death for Americans aged 15 to24.
  5. The number of thefts that occurred at schools in 2000 is 1.2 million. Students are more likely to be victims of theft at school than away from school.


These are ten hard facts about school violence in US, all from the horses’ mouths. The US is not the only country with alarming record of school violence. Let us briefly consider few other countries of the world to see what their record look like.


The France Education Minister stated that 39 out of 75,000 states schools were seriously violent while 300 were relatively less violent, in the year 2000.


In 2008, in South Australia, 175 school attacks on students and teachers were witnessed.


The Education Ministry of Japan conducted a survey in 2007 and the result indicated that 52,756 cases of violent attacks perpetrated in public schools, were discovered. This figure represents 8,000 increases on the previous year. About 7,000 of the attacks, teachers were the targets.  


A study conducted recently in Belgium indicated that teachers are deciding to leave the profession because they feel unsecured.

In South Africa, The Human Rights Commission reported that 40% of the children interviewed stated that they were victims of violence attack at school.


The above are the hard facts about school violence. They are obviously scaring and the serious thing about them all is that the cases are on the increase by the day.