The Bamboozling School Violence Stats

The instances of violence in school are increasing day by day. The frequency of occurrence has increased by at least two folds when compared with the last decade. Students at present have become so violent and arrogant in their behavior and attitude that they never back down from a fight or they are ready to give up. So let us take a look into the statistics which will give us a better idea on how bad the present generation of students have become.


A survey conducted in the United States of America by the U.S. Department of Education in the year 2008 revealed that revenge and vengeance are the two most commonly used words by the students of America when they were asked about their opinion about physical abuse and other violent activities happening inside the school campus. Now what this tells us is that those students are potential law breakers in the future. They are prone to let out a fury if they are dominated or attacked by some other dominating students just as in the case of the Columbine High school incident in 1999 or the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.


The same survey also revealed that forty percent of the schools in United States of America have problems related with violence in their campuses. And out of these forty percent of the schools, ten percent have the possibilities of causing at least a serious case of violence in a year. This means that if there are 40 schools which have problems in school violence, 10 schools has chances of doing a “Columbine High School Massacre” or a “Virginia Tech Killing” i.e. serious crime related to murder or physical attacks. This is quite bamboozling indeed and we send our children to schools believing that he will return home safely with loads of knowledge and skills.


What is more astonishing in the numbers related to school violence is the fact that the remaining thirty percent out of the forty percent have chances of doing a serious crime in at least three or four years. These numbers are quite fascinating to read on but we should understand the severity of such schools. Schools which were once regarded as the house of Gods has now turned into slaughter houses. These were only the statistics about serious crimes like murder and severe physical harm. We are not yet done with the numbers. Surveys and statistics on small violent activities like thefts, vandalism, verbal abuse, ragging and break-ins are too high.


All the above mentioned activities are happening in almost all schools in the country and government is not able to cope with it. It is a serious issue and we are the ones who should take responsibility in eliminating such bad activities in a divine place like school. If we do not change at least now and take the necessary actions to mitigate and counter school violence, it would be too late because children tend to acquire bad qualities too easily.