School Violence-An Overview

School violence is the most discomforting issues at hands for the government of United States of America. They are not able to figure out a proper solution to this problem as it needs a collective effort from the parents, teachers, the school authorities and the children in order to eradicate it permanently. This article will provide a detailed overview on school violence.


School violence is prevailing in most of the schools in United States of America. Ninety percent of the schools have problems related with school violence in the whole country. Out of these seventy nine percent of the schools are in the urban areas and rest of the contribution is from the rural schools. High school children are the major reasons for school violence. They contribute about eighty five percent of the total cases of school violence in the entire country and the remaining fifteen percent are by small kids. The severity of school violence is maximum in the case of higher secondary school children where they indulge in activities like murder, vandalism, drug trafficking and abuse, sexual harassment etc.


There are many types of school violence. School violence can be classified into school violence by teachers and school violence by the students. The latter is the most severe case whereas the former type is the most popular one among the masses. School violence by the teachers mean the excessive punishments they give to their students on account of some silly mistakes like not doing the homework, fighting etc. This type of school violence has been reduced considerably with stricter laws and regulations by the government. The second type i.e. school violence by children has many types. These include bullying, sexual harassment, drug abuse, vandalism and theft.


Bullying has several classifications as well. Physical abuse, verbal abuse and teasing are the types of bullying. When bullying goes beyond the limits it is when the real problem of school violence happens. Sexual harassment means eve teasing where they indulge in activities like nudity, rape etc. Drug abuse is the use of drugs by students inside the school premises. This type of school violence also includes supply of drugs to other students as well. Vandalism refers to bullying in an extreme manner where the aid of outside thugs and ruffians are used by the students to beat up their opposing parties. Theft refers to robbing or giving damage to the school properties like benches and buildings.


School violence can be controlled only with the co-operation of the children, parents, teachers and the school authorities. Parents have to be responsible in taking care of their children all the time. The teachers should monitor all the actions of their students inside the classroom. The school authorities should be severe in punishing any illegal activities by their students. And finally the students must understand the importance of having a good reputation behind their name. If all of them strive hard to fulfill their duties in a judicious manner then preventing school violence will not be difficult.