School violence and their catalysts

The major issue, being faced by the United States of America in the present times, is school violence and is being fueled only by a few students. However, they are said to be disrupting the normal lives of the other school kids, parents and the teachers of the schools. There are many reasons for this sort of violence and we are here to discuss some of the most important of such reasons;


The primary reason for the kids to do violence in schools is due to the heavy burden in their houses. Their house environment would have been so drastically unpleasant, with their parents fighting each other. They learn to use foul languages from such instances and by learning them, directly from their parents who teach them everything else, they tend to take this feeling to heart. The abusive languages spoken on the streets are different from the ones spoken in the house.


The next factor is the availability of weapons both in cheap affordable rates and through illegal means. Such facilities are capable of making the kids to use them against their fellow students. This keeps them in the feeling that they are important there and that their orders and wishes need to be respected in every way and detail. They even use weapons to bully teachers in some cases. The Virginia Tech mass murder done by Seung Hui Cho, on April sixteenth in the year 2007, is considered to be the most fatal incident in the history of America. The means by which he had acquired his weapons were found to be illegal. Due to this, there was a heavy causality of thirty two people that day and many others were highly injured.


The other reason for showing violence in school is that some kids suffer from stress, tension, depression and anxiety which are far more deadly than the weapons we spoke about. The violence shown by such kids may even include rape, theft and bullying of other kids. The worst news is that such kids tend to murder just for fun and to pass away their lonely feeling.


Whenever they lack attention, affection and love, kids tend to choose worst options available to either forget the dreadful feeling or to take revenge on those who are not showing these traits towards them.


If the teachers who teach them are kind enough towards the kids generally, it will keep the feeling of violence at bay. However, if the teachers are showing the same ignorance and carelessness that the kids see at home, then it will add fuel to the fire. Such fueling will create a roaring fire that explodes as violence in schools.


Finally, disappointment is something which is capable of multiplying sorrow even a hundred times more. When the kids are able to see their future plans brightly or when their work is not appreciated, they are disappointed. When they seem sad and when no one consoles them, they get disappointed. When they are struggling to make something wonderful happen and if no one is there to help or lend a hand, they are disappointed. The list of things which makes them disappointed is endless. Hence, be sure to understand the kids better and to be friendly towards them, if we are to stop violence in schools.