Statistics about school violence

School violence is on the rise across the world. The students must be taught ways of eliminating the menace of violent attitude among the school kids.


In recent times, we have seen increase in school violence by leaps and bounds. School violence is an act committed by violent students. Such acts include bullying, physical attacks with or without weapons, larceny, vandalism and theft etc. Such acts are quite dreadful and extremely painful for the victims and society as a whole. Violent students create terror in schools thus they scare fellow students from going to school affecting their studies.


School violence statistics can be accessed from numerous websites. Such websites provide details of bullying, suicides and murders. Such statistics are prepared by collecting data from numerous sources. The statistics are prepared by covering data from schools all over the globe including the United States of America.


The primary purpose of creating such sites is to raise awareness about school violence among students, parents, teachers and school authorities. Every type of information regarding school violence is present on such websites. Large information about school violence can be extracted from such websites at your home or office only! You would need to switch on your personal computer or laptop, login on the internet and search for school violence or school violence statistics from Google. There would be loads of information that can be accessed to get the detailed statistics of school violence.


We cannot ignore the menace of school violence. This type of violence must be contained at any cost by the government, school authorities, teachers and parents. Future of the country lies in the students of today. The country’s future would be in a grave danger if the students behave in such a manner. Thus in order to have bright future for the children and the country, children must be provided right type of environment.


The ill effects of having violent behavior must be explained properly to the children by the parents and teachers. Further, the importance of studies and having a bright and successful career must be explained to the kids. Also, it must be taught to them that the acts of killings and threatening fellow students are not right. Strict actions must be taken against the violent students by the schools. There are numerous courses that can be started to prevent violent attitude among the students.


  1. Meditation: It helps to relax and provide soothing and calmness to the mind, heart and soul. Violent attitude in children can be reduced by teaching them meditation.
  2. Anger management: Anger is the main reason of violence in children. Thus anger management sessions are very necessary to be started in schools, which teach students methods of controlling one’s anger.
  3. Conflict management: In such sessions children are taught that fights can be resolved by meaningful talking, without the need of violence. Fighting, threatening and beating are not the only possible ways of resolving conflicts.


Numerous other problems can arise if the menace of school violence is not tackled on time. Thus the onus of taking necessary steps to eliminate violence among kids lies with the schools.