School Violence: The Worse Records

The terror that is refer to as school violence, that is perpetuated on the ground of our schools, is an issue worth discussing for its significance as a culminating social problem. It involves physical assault, manslaughter, and destruction of properties by some students of the school. In this reign of terror, every one is an enemy and could be attacked by the perpetuators of this inhuman act. The violent children are in possession of dangerous weapons like the guns and knives. Armed with these weapons the delinquent children are at large. The vulnerable people in the school are attacked. At the end of the terror, casualties are all over and dead bodies lay lifeless. This article is aimed at capturing certain instances of school violence in history. Some of the incidences of school violence that history recorded for their magnitude are discussed below.


The Columbine High School Massacre: This is one of the worse incidences of school violence that history recorded. It occurred in Colorado, United States of America, on a Tuesday, April 20, 1999. The story goes: two students of Columbine High School launched their violence on students and teachers. The students are Dylan Klebold and Erric Harris. They killed a teacher and twelve students; they also injured twenty one students who were trying to run for their dear lives. Moreover, three people also sustained injuries as they were trying to escape. After the massacre, the delinquent students then committed suicide. That was how bloody one of the worse cases of school violence was.


Another notable incidence is the Bath School Disaster which occurred in 1927. The Virginia Tech. massacre that occurred in 2007 is also among the worse history has recorded. The 1966 University of Texas Massacre is one of the worse in record.

Others include the Dunblane incidence, where a gunman killed 16 students and one teacher, and finally killed himself. In Beslan, Russia, in 2004, 350 people were killed in a school, half of which were children.


This is how horrible the cases of school violence are turning out to be, the magnitude is also as bad as we have just discussed, yet there are thousands of cases that are not considered here; they are all of different magnitude and are spread all over the globe.                


As we have seen, school violence is a global issue, not confined to a particular country. So don’t say that, it does not concern me because it does not happen in my country or my locality. Combating school violence incidence requires all the stake holders in the education profession as well as the parents to come together and put all hands on deck, in an effort to restore safe and conducive learning atmosphere for our children. We all must stand and fight this problem, otherwise the education of our children as well as their safety will be at stake.