One out of every 4 girls chosen, one amongst them actively involves either in school violence or violence from any other place workplace inclusive. This is the summary of the report published by in by government in Washington.


In a survey of nearly 33,000 girls between the aged brackets of 12 to 17 years, almost 8,580 representing 26% were in one way or another involve in the acts of violence. Although the analysis however cover both school and workplace, but violence is violence whichever way you look at it. It is even disheartening that the said violence includes merciless fights group fights abuse bullying and many more. Expectedly, about 34% of boys are part of parcel of violent activities according to another report. Putting these figures side by side, it is obvious that the number and the percentage of boys slightly greater.


Probably because of the seemingly innocent looks of girls, it is generally believe that boy’s children are prone to violent activities, fracas and the acts of thugery. This notion was proved wrong by the reported violence in schools were both master-minded and carried out by the 2 genders.


For preventive purpose therefore, it required the coordinated efforts of the students, teachers, school administrators, government and parents to achieve a meaningful results. Thus:

-           Teachers should keenly watch over the students’ moves and movements per time.

-           Let every heavy fine be levy on any students cut in the acts of violence or disturbance.

-           Let the school authorities consciously create a conducive and serene atmosphere be-fitting learning and assimilations and recreations.

-           Adequate physical checks of bags and lockers by the well trained securely guards as provided by the school authority. In addition, installation of metal detector at strategic locations could be used as complements.

-           In additions, parents, teachers and the school authorities should not over-pampered this kid even when they are obviously doing wrong things. These can be counter productive. Scold them genuinely and draw them nearer moments later.


Having done these, the acts of violence in school will be permanently laid to rest in no time.


Statistically speaking, not too long report has established that nearly 19% females with their ages ranging between 12-17 years old were activity participated in many far-off activities either in school or work place. Almost 14.1% girls took part in a fracas between groups. More interesting but worrisome, close to 6% ladies carried out a deliberate and harmful attack on others. Reports went further to claim that a lot more participate in two or more acts of violence.


Adding to the already saturated problems violence school and workplaces are those that finds pleasure in drinking. Students that come from low income earner families or those whose family problems prevented from going to school are prone to violence the more. As the modern era as greeted with increasingly modern violence, some drastic measure need to be put in place to checkmate the trend.


In school violence according to SAMHSA Survey reports, reveal the following according to their races: Black 38%, mixed race 30%, Hispanic 29%, America Indian 26%, white 23%, the Asians 17%.