School violence statistics in small schools


According to a report published in a local daily of the United States, the incidences of violence and harassment are among the major problems in the urban localities. But this is not 100% true! Yes, school violence is a serious issue but not confined to urban localities and schools only. 
There are an immense numbers of small rural schools located near the US-Mexico border. School violence is also a major problem in that area. Frankly speaking, it is not possible to judge the school violence merely on the basis of social and public health parameters. It is one of the major barriers in the field of education that adversely hamper a student’s ability to learn. 
It was really important to make a proper estimation of the amount or rather the extent of school violence taking place in the small town schools. In this regard, a survey conducted in 38 rural school districts played a decisive role.   The survey report was concluded after making a thorough verification of school violence and victimization. The report eventually disclosed some of the astounding facts. According to the report, more than 50% of the school boys had fought each other with fists or handheld weapons within the period of 12 months at school. In addition, more than 50% of the boys had carried a knife (and other sharp objects) inside the school compound. 
The list not only end-up here. One of the strangest things is that around 18% of 15 to 17 year old boys had conceded a handgun at school. The work profile of these school going boys is not confined to fighting, bullying and harassment only. Within the period of last 12 months a large number of small school boys have been involved in serious crimes like robbery, assault, rape, etc. Statistics clearly reveal that in the past 1 year around 16% of the school going students had been robbed and more than 37% has been threatened to kill. While being at school, more than 15% of these students had been voraciously attacked and assaulted, often repeatedly.   Teenage rape cases are also figured to be on a hike in these schools
It is still believed that in order to protect the dignity of these government schools some of the actual facts and figures are censored. Otherwise, the survey reports may prove to be gut-wrenching. 
To completely stop such unfortunate incidences within the upcoming period of time it is significant to take the right step at the right time. Prevention strategies can be based on awareness, discipline committee, strict legal action for breaching the law on a concurrent basis, etc.   Awareness campaigns can be organized within the school compound with active participation of students and their parents.  Teaching staff are required to be trained according to the need of time, so that they can understand the psychological needs of the students. Appointing a professional psychologist within the school compound or a private parent/ children counselor is also not a bad idea. 
Take initiative now!