Intensiveness of School Violence

While at the beginning it was overlooked, recently school violence is a growing concern among parents, teacher, students and school authorities alike across all over United States of America. Hence evaluation of the situation is must now.

                A very common pattern is the violence started by a group of students who and violent in nature and start to spread it among other students or teachers. Bullied by this kind of students often other students do not feel like to attain school. The fear of being pushed around can create depression. And not only other children but sometime teachers also get bullied by them. And lack of resistance encourage this bully students so much that soon they start to carry dangerous weapons like knife or gun inside the school campus. Such easy availability of guns is also a big concern among authorities. If we look back we will get enough proof that this kind of violence by school children killed other innocent children and even teachers. The tragic incident in 1999 which happened in Columbine High School at Colorado is no doubt one of the biggest so far where 12 students and a teacher was killed by two violent school students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. They injured more people among them 23 were school students. But the equal shocking part was at the end of this blood-bath they killed themselves.

                The incident at Columbine High School is not an isolated case. The stories of killing Principle, Teachers or other students are plenty.  The rate of violation and aggression is inclining. This is defiantly a matter of concern. What provoked them to do such a dangerous act? The answer we all are looking for. Children are our future and if we fail to secure our future then it’s our failure.  We have to find out the solution before it’s too late.

                The situation should be taken as high priority among parents, teacher and higher administration.  The security and the precaution measures should be better and more efficient.

Key Steps to prevent such incidents:

ü  It’s very important that parents keep an eye on child regular activity. If they suspect any irregularities they must deal it with it in matured manner.

ü  Home environment is also a very vital point. The friendly and loving relationship between child and parents are a great help.  Parents must keep the relationship healthy between themselves.

ü  Another key factor is relationship between teachers and student. Teacher must communicate with the students and will discuss with parents if required.

ü  It’s very important to take professional help while the situation is critical. Understanding the concern of a child and diagnose it in a correct way can be challenging. Professional councilors or psychiatrists can be very effective in this scenario.

In modern world with full of competition and success pressure it’s not uncommon to get depressed or violent. Children are not free from this situation either. So the chance of violation cannot be avoided but curing it also possible with proper help and right guidance.