School Violence-A Survey

Students tend to easily learn to develop an arrogant attitude causing the increase in school violence. The increase in violence is not only because of excess violent student or gang of bullies but also because of the increased number of abused students who are bullied by the bullies of the school. These students harbor the pain in silent only to be unleashed at the moment here he/she breaks. Cornering such students will be a bad choice for anyone as they can erupt violently in pressurized situations. Bullies can subdue or dominate a group of silent or mild mannered students for two or three days, but there will obviously be a chance for those silent students to become very aggressive when they can almost do any feats in the world.


Survey conducted in the United States of America show that the number of reported cases of school violence reveals that it has become a major concern for the school authorities than the other school issues such as passing percentage or study related problem. The most heinous incident that occurred which should be set as an example to everyone is the Columbine High School massacre. It happened on the year 1999 when two students whose names are Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris used guns to kill or injure anybody in their way. These two students became so frustrated and irritated of being bullied by the fellow schoolmates that made them take the law in their hands by fixing the problem. They killed twelve fellow schoolmates and one school staff while injuring twenty three other students. They also committed suicide after acting violently.


This kind of incident is one in a thousand of reported cases in the United States of America in the past decade. There are many hundreds of cases that are recent in the schools of the United States of America. Theft, physical injuries, vandalism and other type of attacks are common in this kind of violence. At least eight percent of the regular school students are suffer from these attacks which provide further cases in the future.


Recent survey by the U.S. Department of Education shows that at least ten percent of the schools in the United States of America are facing the problem of violence in school and there is at least one serious crime other than theft or physical attack. Schools are considered as a second home to children where they are taught to be the future of the country. Such crimes happening in schools yearly are down grading schools reputation day by day. And this is not considered as the ending. It is calculated that sixty percent of schools with one less serious crime every year are on the verge of providing such crimes in two to three years.


As days are passing by, these kinds of actions by the students are becoming more frequent and more violent. The numbers of victims are increasing as we are reviewing each day. These numbers should increase the awareness of parents, authorities and students alike as co-operation from all is necessary to subdue them completely.