Statistics on School Violence in Urban Schools

Violent activities inside the urban schools have been a major cause of concern, it is a major cause of concern and it will be a major cause of concern in the future as well. It is a well known fact that the urban school authorities are quite incapable to control illegal activities like physical abuse, verbal abuse, drug abuse and trafficking, sexual harassment, murder, theft, vandalism etc. Though many rules, regulations and laws have been passed in order to eradicate violence in school premises, nothing has proved fruitful. All they could manage was to reduce the violence rather than eliminating it.


Well it is indeed a matter of shame for the authorities to be incapable in eliminating school violence. At least we can be happy that they have been able to reduce the degree of violence to an extent. Let us take a look into the statistics so that it will give a better picture on how the government and school authorities have fared to control and eliminate school violence. Surveys regarding school violence are conducted once in every two years in the United States of America. However we will compare the statistics of 1992 with the statistics in the year 2008 to get an idea of how much the authorities have been capable to eliminate school violence.


A survey conducted by the National Center of Education in the year 1992 suggested that seventy nine percent of the total cases of violence which includes bullying and drug trafficking were contributions from the urban schools. This means that urban school students are the worst affected. When compared with the survey conducted in 2008, it suggests that urban schools contribute about seventy eight percent of the total cases of violence. You may feel that there is a marginal decrease in the values but you will have to take note of the total number of cases which have been registered in the year 1992 as well as 2008.


In the year 1992, the number of cases of violence in urban schools of the whole country was more than eight hundred. But now at present the number of incidents has crossed the thousand. This is quite astonishing however the rate at which the crime rates were increasing from 1989 to 1992, it was estimated that the number of incidents in the year 2008 would easily touch three thousand. Considering this fact, the authorities have done a tremendous job in controlling the violent incidents.


It is quite disturbing to find out that schools these days are nothing but slaughter houses where students are being tortured and virtually killed. The amount of psychological stress and impact on the students due to such unwanted activities inside the school is too much that these students are never in their normal conditions. If this situation is allowed to persist then it is the nation which is going to be affected very badly because students are the future of a nation and if they do not grow in a healthy environment then there would be nothing left in them to carry the nation forward.