What are the excuses behind the occurrence of school violence in schools?

A psychological factor is one of the most important factors responsible for violence in our various schools. These children don’t just turn violent at birth, rather prevailing circumstance lure them into crime along the line. It is noteworthy to mention that both positive and negative thoughts are products of mind. They compete to gain dominance of mind and whichever one that has an edge will depends on what the mind is fed with.


Children are particularly indulged in violent behavior for various psychological factors as listed below:

  1. Hatred and Negligence:  Scientifically speaking, lack of love and abandonment of children often results in mental imbalance in children.
  2. Divorce and Single Parents:  Hardly can there be anything that can give a child mental torture than watching his/her parents filling divorce paper. Possibly this was even precluded with fighting upon fighting. It takes grace for the child to get over it later in life. It is even worse if the child is raised by a non caring mother, father or grandmas.
  3. Fame:   It is not a crime to be ambitious provided it is done according to the rule and behind every rule is hard work and diligence. Children should be taught that cheap popularity is destructive and short lived.
  4. Depression:   Even to the adult, depression or whatever factor that can lead to depression should be avoided like plague. Depression is an enemy that leads to suicide, bully, hatred, killings, etc.
  5. Pressure: In most cases, parents often give their children pressure to be one among the best. Meanwhile the class competition among the children has become too keen that it could be frustrating if he/she could not achieve his/her desired result within the time limit.
  6. Fighting:   If all the children witness at home is fighting and battering from parents, in no time, the children enter into there shoe as a way of life.
  7. Friends:   Peer groups are having considerable influence over one another. So it is needful to carefully watch over those children so as not to allow a contagious bad influence.


Efforts should be made by parents to hurriedly apply the above recommendations to keep the destiny of the child intact.