Violence in large schools: Statistics

Education is one of the primary and basic requirements of the children. It is entirely true that parents all the time suppose a dazzling and tenable survival of their kid. And why can’t they think of this, as it is their elementary right.  This is why parents have absolute reliance over the school management about the hours their loved ones every day spend in the school. 


But once it comes to the large schools of civil community it is actually hurting to listen about the cruel occurrences of violent behavior inside the school premises.   Under such conditions, it is really difficult for the parents to hold the circumstances. And it becomes complicated for parents to recognize whom to blame if something disastrous come off their loved ones. 


Although it is easier said than done but it must remain our main concern to lessen the potential of school brutality before they could take place.  Schools are undoubtedly the sanctuary of knowledge and there is no place for injustice, maltreatment and aggression here. One can certainly avoid himself from falling into the junk of school brutality if some one gets a fighting option. 


Most of the students and the schooling team are not well conscious of the cost of school assault until they get involved in it. Although it is a reality that huge city schools are the focal point of contemporary outlook and newest directions. This has become convincing to modify the perspective of the schools located in the vicinity of cities. By having students and faculty members from elite class doesn’t mean that these incidences are not going to occur as this is what the management of these schools individually supposes.   The administration of city schools thinks that these occurrences are only frequent in the countryside areas because of the country children and their surroundings.  But this is entirely incorrect!   The personality and mindset are not limited to a distinct territory only.  


Governmental and private institutes have carried out research revealing alarming facts.  The data available as a result of these researches tells us that the occurrences of badgering and assaults are frequent in the large schools.  One elementary cause behind it is that the children living in the vicinity of cities are highly liable to awful house environment, television shows, PC games and action movies containing ferocious acts. And sharp children exercise these action moves at home, then on friends and ultimately at school.    


Only a collective assistance from parents, school management, faculty members and students can lessen these disheartening incidences. One should not ignore strange attitude of a child.  Preferably parent/guardian should be informed about weird behavior of the child

The school management should ask whether a child is suffering from  any emotional illness or mental disorder at the time of admission and it is the just responsibility of parents to tell about the same in advance.