The Surveys on School Violence

The horrible cases in which, high school students are seen unleashing terror to the entire school community, where attacks that involve physical harm, killings and bully as well as setting buildings on fire are the general characteristics of such violence, is the incidence that is refer to as School Violence. The teachers, the staff, the principal and most especially the innocent vulnerable students, every body in the school, are the target of the attack. People are badly injured, some are dead and the remains of burning buildings produce thick smoke that clouds the area and filled the atmosphere. There are many reports on the occurrence of school violence. In recent times, frequent occurrence of violence in the schools has become an issue of general concern. The unfortunate incidence now occurs everywhere, unlike what was the case in the past where you only hear of it once in a while. It occurs every where across the globe, and it occurs in different proportion. Here, we shall consider some reports of cases of school violence from some countries of the world. The information is sourced from the Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia – an online organization found at


In the United States of America, the national Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDCP conducted a survey in 2007. The findings of the surveys are startling. In the surveys, some high schools where considered as sample schools and the students represent the US sample students. The exercise was conducted twice in a year and the findings are as follows.

-  Students in possession of weapons like guns and knives in school                5.9%

-  Attacked and injured or threatened students at least once                              7.8%

-  Students engaged in physical fights at least once                                           12.4%

-  Students that failed to go to school in fear of attacks                                      5.5%

Consider the Report and reflect, is this not alarming? That is only in few schools in the US. Now let us briefly look at the reports from other countries.


France: The French Minister of Education reported that, in the year 2000, 39 out of 75,000 schools belonging to states were found to be seriously violent and 300 were violent, though to a lesser extent.  


South Australia recorded 175 violent attacks against students or staff, in 2008.


Japan: The Education Ministry reported that, in 2007, 52,756 cases of violence in public school were recorded. This figure is about 8,000 increments over the record of last year.

It was also found out that about 7,000 of the attacks were targeted on the teachers.                                                                          


In Belgium, it was reported that teachers are seriously considering quitting the profession for the experience of school violence.


Bulgaria: in Bulgaria, the Minister of Education, in 2009, in consideration of the alarming rate of school violence, introduced stricter regulations about student behaviors, including proper dress code, being drunk and carrying mobile phones.               


South Africa: About 40% of the school students interviewed said that they were victims of one attack or the other in school.


This is the reports of school violence incidence in few countries. The menace is that bad. It may require the attention of United Nation, as it is turning out to be an issue of global concern.