School violence: details

School violence is something that needs to be looked into carefully at the proper time as it is seen that this is increasing in the school students each day. If there is no one to look into the problem, then definitely, it will give you unacceptable outcome. Any act of violent behavior is ought to give you trouble. The possible error behind school violence is not a specific person’s error; however it is due to serious problems and the ones who are in any way associated to the child. We all know that school is a sacred place where children go to gain knowledge, education and good etiquettes. So, proper assistance will aid the child to become a better person in future. However, this way of thinking is changing nowadays. The competition these days is so tough amongst the children that many a times, they get frustrated from it. This frustration further leads to the development of non violence.

Some believe that the origin of school violence is in the school itself. However this is completely wrong. Roots of school violence may originate from school, but you also cannot neglect the home environment for the same. It is fine that violence, many a times may develop in the child because of the harsh behavior of the teacher or fear of the examinations or effect of the peer group in the school. However our aim where is not to look into its origin, but to find out ways in which it can be cured. This matter is of high concern and it requires assistance from not only the parents, but also the teachers, as well. If both these parties have a proper understanding of the child’s problem and they take efforts in interacting with him timely, this will effectively help in curing the problem. Hence, such kind of problems can be easily prevented.

Many schools nowadays fail to take any security measures to protect this kind of events from occurring. It is completely wrong and one needs to take due steps to supervise it. Schools can develop some security arrangements with an aim to avoid such kind of issues from taking place again and again. There should be some arrangement made in the school to supervise the child’s bag that contains any weapons. This will largely help in preventing such kind of incidents from taking place. There should be a record maintained to watch all the children who enter the school premises. A register at the entry place of the school should note down the one who enters or leaves the school by signing in it. This can be done with the help of a security guard. All these efforts will pressurize the child’s mind psychologically and they will definitely have to give a second thought prior to getting any weapon to the school or indulging themselves into any sort of violent behavior.

Cameras can be placed on some of the important points to supervise the activities of all. All this arrangements will prevent the child from getting into any violent act or bringing any weapons like guns or knives to the school.