School Violence Information and Advice for Children and Teens

Since it’s the students who are at highest risk when it comes to school violence and all of the things related to it, we felt it necessary to include a section dedicated to children and teens. This category offers easy to understand advice and information on things like bullying, reasons to avoid gangs, what to do if a student has a weapon and much more.

School violence isn’t only about the tragedies that you see on TV or the Internet. School violence is made up of all sorts of different things like bullying and being picked on, gang violence, drugs and lots more. Talking to your parents about these sorts of things isn’t always easy—or at least it may seem that way sometimes. That’s why we’ve tried to provide you with a place to get answers to a lot of your questions and find the advice and help that you need. Our articles cover all kinds of issues that children and teens deal with in school and offer you ways to deal with situations that upset you or make you uncomfortable. You should know that this website is not a substitute for the help of a parent or trusted adult and we do encourage you to ask for help anytime that you feel that you could be in over your head. But, if information is what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place.

School violence is a serious matter and a lot of the times bad things can be prevented if someone would just take the time to report what they’ve seen or heard beforehand. We understand how scary school violence can be and know that school and dealing with other students isn’t always easy—especially when the other students pick on your or say things to make you feel bad. As bad as someone else may make you feel though, it’s never okay to resort to hurting them back or getting revenge. That could wind you up in a lot of trouble and get you hurt. This category will give you some really good tips on how to deal with certain problems in a way that is safe and helpful. It also teaches you where to go and what to do when things seem really bad in school.

If you are a child or teen looking for advice and information on school violence or are the parent of a student who could use some advice or a better understanding of school violence, then this category is worth a browse. A few minutes spent reading through the articles in this category could be just what you or your child needs.