How does the judicial system help against violence in school?

School violence has become one of the major concerns in the recent past. Incidents like students using weapons on campus, wars between gangs, sexual assaults and abuses are on an increase. There is no point in blaming each other after such events take place because life once lost is lost and no one can give that back.

One cannot continue to blame the law of the land for the frequencies of such events happening in school. Infact it is the teachers, school authorities, parents and students should be claimed accountable as they have the control and power to stop all these things within the compound of the school.

There was a tragic incident which took place in Seattle high school in which an innocent kid was gunned down because of gang-related wars. The actual scenario was very complicated for the law makers itself because it was both a case of school violence and gangsters related war which made it clear that these schools have now become the hunting ground for gangsters in the city. The case went to the US Supreme Court and caught the attention of every citizen in the country.

The United States has recently passed a law relating to possession of guns by its citizens. The issue of possessing handguns within the province of Washington has been debated for quite some time now. Justice John Paul Stevens that there must be good enough reasons for proving why carrying guns or its possession should be banned. In response to this, the public prosecutor submitted a very detailed data as to why it should be banned to the Chicago board of education. The details given were substantial enough to support the claim.

According to the details of the report, there have been 29 people who had been killed by people who had a formal license for keeping the guns. And after that there were reports of four more students getting killed. And the reason for all these incidents was the breach of the law of the land relating to guns and arms.

The Supreme Court was very convinced by the data provided relating to possession of guns and passed a law which made important amendments to the current law for gun possession.

Just passing laws for the possession of guns was not good enough. It was also necessary that very strict laws were passed for the people who violated these laws. All those people who were offenders or were responsible for creating pandemonium on the school campus were charged with crimes like murder, attempt to murder, threat, assault, creating panic like situations, etc. and were punished appropriately.

Other than awarding various punishments for the offenders, some of the offenders were also charged with other major crimes. Such punishments are given to people who are guilty of causing damages to public property and also unintentional murders or killings.

Please do not blame the law for everything. It can only do its job if the concerned people take up the issues and present it in front of the law court for justice.