The handwriting is boldly writing on the wall that movies obviously energize children into violence. In fact, nothing can be truer than this, most especially the numerous violent movies. As a result, children have begun to have a divided interest in studies and violent. If the violent thought is nourished with more violent movies, children lose their moral and ethical values. No sooner than they watch the films when they begin to imbibe the attitude of arrogance, killing, threatening, bullying, theft to mention but a few. It is unlikely that they know that that kind of lives is an open invitation to doom.


Most of the acts of violence in schools are traceable to movies. The lectures they were taught in those films must of necessity be carried out according to the dictate. New ways of shooting, killing or committing crime are learned. Since United States law legalize everyone above the age of 18 years to carry weapons, it has become so easy to buy and use the weapon in schools. Children though very inexperienced, they learn fast, they ignorantly think the higher the number of crime they got involved, the faster they become famous and famous.


An incessant increase in violent in our schools within a short period of time bothers on the reputations of the school. Knowing this fully well, schools should therefore carry out some meaningful efforts to stabilize peace within the school. Teachings in schools should not be limited to academics alone. Rather, moral and ethical values should as well inculcate into them; this will help them in making a better decision when chosen between right or wrong. Not only that, the benefits of chosen right should be highlighted while the consequence of going wrong be echoed.


If all the parents, teachers and school authority can jointly resolved to deal with these children with adequate love, compassions and encouragements, the tendency of anyone of them to remain violent can be reduced to zero. Even at corrections, it should be done with love, so that they are convinced that they are genuinely loved. The services of counselors or psychiatrists should be urgently secured if the above measure fails to stop violent in children. It is most likely that most professionals see in the children what the parents were not too careful to observe.


Besides, controllable measure should be placed on movies, TV series and video games that are known for violence. Rather, impactful films and games should be procured for them in place of these. From this they can even get the clue to solve their pending school assignments. If this can be done, the children can be helped to become a better person in the society.