How does School Violence begin?

You may wonder that how small children at schools are indulging in violent activities which are beyond them. Well then stop wondering and face the reality that students these days are absolutely ruthless and they are potentially very dangerous in causing severe harm to other school students. The root cause of these students to become so violent cannot be attributed to one particular reason. There are many factors which contribute to violent students and school violence. All of them are discussed below in this article.


  • The main reason that can be attributed to the beginning of school violence is the home atmosphere. This is because home atmosphere is what shapes the character and behavior of a particular child. If the home is not a pretty good place to live in then it is obvious that the child grows unhealthy in terms of his character and behavior. For example if the parents do not give enough attention and care to the child, he feels neglected and begins to grow on his own. And as we all know adolescent age is the worst period of a child and chances of him getting into bad activities are very high. Another very good example is the behavior of the parents. If the parents begin to fight with each constantly in front of the child, the child too develops that tendency. Hence it is very important that parents understand this and act accordingly in order to prevent their child from becoming violent.
  • The second reason for school violence to begin is because of the friends. If the friends of that particular child is also quite haughty and indulge in unnecessary activities then it is obvious that your child will also develop that tendency. School violence is mainly done by a gang of students and not by a single lad. So it is invariably true that a bad set of friends are also one of the main reasons for the beginning of school violence.
  • Depression and psychological stress is also another factor for children becoming violent other than the above reasons. For example, extreme mental stress can be experienced by a student if he is given loads of work at school and home as well. Moreover if the child is subjected to severe verbal abuse by teachers he is invariably depressed and develops anxiety and hatred towards all others around him.
  • Hence it is the duty of the teachers to be aware of such happenings and make sure that they do not hurt the sentiments of the students with their words and actions. Also a teacher must take care to make students grow in a healthy and safe school environment. They should make sure that the children do not pick up a fight or brawl with anyone.
  • Another main reason for the beginning of school violence is because of the school administration. If the school administration is not strict enough to check all the activities of students inside the compound then they are let loose and they will not be afraid to do anything that will cause harm. For example, if the school authorities do not take care or respond to cases like bullying or physical abuse then it is a kind of fodder for these bully children to indulge in further activities like these.