School violence: in depth

School violence is on great expansion in the US. Students are seen getting violent and are making use of weapons in the school premises such as guns, knives, etc. They have created a great trouble to the school staff, principal and their teachers. The career of such violating children gets disturbed and it also has a great impact on the career of other children.

Reasons for children becoming violent:

  1. Effects of movies- movies depict violence to a great extent. Kids see such types of films and they imitate violence from there. The open usage of weapons such as guns and knives is shown in the films and hence they learn and imitate the same thing in their real life, without understanding its ill effects.
  2. Severe depression- nowadays, it is seen that all people go through stages of high tensions and depressions. Even a child is not protected from this. Such tensions easily get transferred into depression, if it is not solved or supported timely. Finally, depression leads to violence amongst the kids in no time.
  3. Illegal sale of weapons- The children make an attempt to purchase these hazardous weapons from illegal sources and utilize then in the schools for threatening or bullying the other children, as well as the teachers.
  4. Effect of the group- group is of great significance in the teenage or young age period. Its effect is quite prominent on the child. Hence, they try to imitate what their friend is doing or feeling about. Therefore, if the group members are violent, they learn and try to be the same like them without any special efforts.
  5. Home atmosphere- A number of parents not even think of their children and they begin their quarrel or argument in front of the children. They use bad words, abusive language, or beat up each other in front of the kids. Children imitate and learn such attitudes very rapidly and show off such kind of attitude in the school. They use the similar abusive language what has been observed or heard at home in the school. If parents beat their child at home, they incur the same in their behavior at school.
  6. No proper affection and love- if a child fails to receive proper affection and love what he deserves, at the time of his childhood days, it leads to the development of violent attitude in them.
  7. Lack of assistance and support- if a child faces some difficulty, and gets no guidance and assistance, he gets frustrated. This frustration, further results into violent behavior.

The development of violent attitude in children can be cured by taking proper steps. Though, it is a difficult task to modify the nature of the child, but not impossible. Kids are the nation’s future and therefore, it is the responsibility of the teachers, parents and the schools to offer them the correct environment and attitude; wherein they can develop themselves effectively. Give them the proper affection, love and support which they need.