Movies as a motivating factor for children to become violent

The United States of America is being bothered by a problem so big that even the entire world is aware of it and experienced it.  This problem is known as school violence.  This creates numerous problems and creates tension and disappoint in the minds of principals, teacher, students and their parents.  Today, children start to manifest violent behavior at a very early age.  These children act violent in school causing trouble for other students.

Various factors can be considered to be the sources that are influencing children to have a violent nature.  Recently, movies and TV shows are stealing the limelight and is becoming a major player in influencing child behavior.  Movies today involve a lot of violent scenes, from new ways on how to fight an enemy, to new ways on how to kill a person using some new weapon.  They learn all about revolvers and knives from movies, and this in turn gets them curious; curious enough that they buy them and try it out in school on other students and even their teachers.  Children’s minds do not contain any malice and are quite innocent.  They do not know that whatever action they do today affects their career and future in a very large way.

Weapons are very accessible in the United States of America.  Since no laws are set to prohibit and limit the people to have access and purchase weapons, just about anybody can posses these weapons with ease.  Children are benefitting from this the most, and are actually purchasing weapons.  Students who have these weapons in their possession feel superior and stronger than other students and even teachers.  They bring these weapons to school and actually use them, which in turn results in painful incidents of school violence just like the incident of a mass student killing in Columbine High School, the Virginia Tech massacre, and the Bath School disaster.  These incidents involved a lot of students getting shot, killed and injured.

Children are loosing their morality because of violent scenes showed in films.  For these students who have been doing violent activity, moral values are but a small piece of their curriculum at school and pay less attention to it.  For them, it is more interesting and worth while to watch films and their violent sequences.  These students believe that if they exhibit acts of violence in school they will become famous and everybody will know them.  It is a fact that it gets their names known and gives them the fame they want, but it is also enough to ruin their entire future and their life.  Taking this into consideration, parents and schools should work together and take serious steps and actions to stop these violent outbursts of exhibition.

The government should take steps and the initiative to ban films and shows that have a lot of violent scenes in it.  Laws, legislation or rules should be imposed on how much violence should be incorporated in a film or show.  With the children being the future leaders of out nation, it is only right that we provide them with knowledge and films that promote good moral character and this will help not only in shaping their future, but also in shaping our nation’s future as well.