Increasing School Violence: Factors Responsible

The cases of school violence are terrible and deadly in nature. We must have witnessed, or hear of incidences, quite a number of times where violence broke in a school and there were killings, bully, and so on. This assault is meted on fellow students, the teachers, as well as other members of staff of the school. Cases like that witnessed in Columbine High School in Colorado, Bath school disaster, Virginia Tech Massacre and Texas University Massacre were among the worst of all the violence recorded in history. The incidence is on the increase day after day. Consider the Japan record for school violence, for instance, where there was increase in the incidence by about 8,000 over what was obtained some years back {wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,}. This is seriously alarming. The factors that are responsible for this swift increase in the incidences are the interest of this work. The factors are examined below.


The factors about to be mentioned are sourced from an article obtained from Copperwiki, an online non governmental organization that has the following web site: They are discussed below.


All experts of different fields like criminology, psychiatry and counselors are in agreement that excessive exposure to movies in which violence is presented as a heroic act is largely responsible for the increase in the incidence of violence.


Another factor is lack of respect and accountability being a characteristic of a home may translate to lack of respect for the law even to children of as low age as 7-8 years.


Inequality in Education System: in this regard, a research conducted by Penn State University researchers, reveals that ‘there is a link between school violence and inequalities in education system, which leads to inequalities in educational attainments’.

Other causes of violence may also include rejection of culture, race and socioeconomic disparities. Long term exposure to the above mentioned situations could lead to alienation, despair and anger which in turn may result to violence.


To-get–back-to-those-who-hurt – On this point, violent children were known to have the sprit of vengeance as they attack their victims. Lethal Violence in Schools is the name of a study conducted among teenagers, by Alfred University, USA. In this study it was revealed that 87% of the respondents admitted that their main motive for their attack was to ‘get back at those who hurt them’. Another 86% of the interviewed children said that ‘other kids picking on them, making fun of them or bullying them’.             


These are the factors responsible for the continued increase in school violence, straight from the experts. It is left to us to take them into consideration as we set to take decisions on how we can prevent or combat the undesirable incidence of school violence.