Bullying Main cause of school violence

Bullying is one of the major causes for violence in school. With the help of power, students go off their limits to seek fun. This 5 minutes fun can be dangerous if done in wrong sense. Bullying a person at a young age leaves disturbing behaviour at the end. The child is no where ready to face the world at times. Adequate attention should be given by school authorities in such matters. Home support should be there with bullied person. This is to ensure that he or she is not alone if something bad has happened. Apart from personal attention school authorities should not entertain such activities in school. It can result in loss of reputation. Not only reputation is at stake but also a individual’s life who is studying with his full mind at school. With the help of anger management techniques bullying can be controlled. There are various measures which can be performed by school authorities to ensure there are no such malpractices taking place.


Punishing the bullying person will not help. At times if the bullying person lacks in maturity there are chances where he can go to any extent. This happens when there is lacking of maturity in the bullying individual. If there is no sense and presence of mind in the bullying person then he can go in the other direction which is unthinkable. He can react in angry manner which will result use of power for violence. It will disturb others in different manner which can be very hard to forget mentally. He can vent out his anger in physical manner. There is no stopping or any control over his mind when such instances happen. Instead of taking a serious action like punishment or rustication they should be made to understand the topic of bullying and its effects on the victim. When their actions are explained by a third person it does have effect on their mind. At times such bullying individuals are not bad at heart; all they want is fun and teasing in school. They should be made to understand the effects if a bully go wrong. Their effects and results are bad and worse at times. If this feeling is felt by the bullying person there are chances where he might stop playing such activities. They are good human beings; they only have to be reminded about the good qualities they carry. Sometimes bullying act is the result of frustration which one individual is carrying.


When a new student enters the school operating area he is scared and in trouble as he is being attacked by bullies. Monitoring each student is not possible since bullying is usually done by making the person sing or mostly dance. Well these are acts just to know the person, singing and dance are safe at times if taken in positive sense. There are times where the line is crossed and bullied acts are turn into violence. This is the time to stop and explain the bullying individual about his acts in the right sense and understanding.