That school violence increasingly becoming a menace in the United States of America is no longer news. It has been causing so many havocs that if nothing is done to urgently address it, so many more life and property are at stake each time it rear its ugly head. It is noteworthy to emphasize that many family had been brought to untold hardship and agony through the killings, harming, raping, bullying, theft and many other wickedness being perpetrated by these gang of students.


Here are the summaries of the worries being created by the acts of school violence:


1.     Parental Worries:   The worries of the parents could somehow be understandable. It is the pride of all parents that their child is one among the best and not one among the rogues, gangs or murderers. Imagine bidding your child bye-bye to school in the morning only to be called upon hours later that same child had killed or been killed, hurt or been hurt!


2.     School Reputation Eroded:   Rome they say is not built in a day. The school authority/administrator that had labor over the years to acquire a reputable name for the school could hardly hide their helplessness while watching those reputations being rubbish in the course of school violence. It is most likely that lots of parents will prefer to withdraw their children from such schools, while admission of the new entrants becomes scanty.


3.     Violent children are hindering the school growth and development of many innocent students. In the process of finding solution, the school is close down, even after it had been re-open, fear of possible re-occurrence rents the air, thereby causing many other students to lose concentration on their studies.


4.     Peaceful and Serene School environment is momentary distorted. Anxieties and wailing atmosphere replaces where used to be a citadel of learning and where the supposed leaders are trained.


5.    Killings and Bloodshed:  The number of lives that had lost in school violence either directly or indirectly cannot be accurately counted. The brutality of gang students claimed many lives of students and teachers. The instance of Bath School, Columbine High School and that of Virginia cannot be forgotten in-a-hurry.


6.     Violent students and gangs are playing kite with their tomorrow if at all they have any. Children who could have been the pillars and shakers of the society have suddenly turned wayward. What a pity!


7.     Nation’s Pride and Growth:   No responsible government is happy seeing her citizen wasting other peoples’ life or being wasted. It is an act of lawlessness and shameful act to read that those who are supposed to pick the mantle of leadership tomorrow have turned miscreants or been killed. In addition, the future of that nation is hanging in the balance unless some drastic measure is taken to return the situation to normalcy.