Influencing factors for school violence


One day you look into the paper and see the headline school violence has killed or injured a large amount of students. You start thinking and cursing violent children who are the part of school violence. You start abusing these violent children.
But has anybody given a thought that from where this violence is coming in children? Why children are killing or treating other children badly? What is making them so inhumane? Why they are losing their humanity?
Just read on the article and you will get the answer of these questions.
Nobody is born violent. Children become violent because of the kind of environment and circumstances that they are facing. Children learn a lot from their environment and it plays an important role in shaping their future. If the environment in which they are living is exhibiting large amount of violence then they will learn it too. Divorce is becoming a very popular option among the couples of today. They marry to live together but if at some point of time they feel that they are unable to adjust they take divorce. They forget to think about their child. They are not at all bothered about the fact that such kind of divorce can disturb the child mental level. If a child of age 5 or 6 is seeing their parents getting divorced imagine the kind of nature or attitude he/she will have in life. But parents have become so selfish that they are not at all concerned about their child’s attitude. They are just concerned about themselves. So if you want to shape their future right give them the right environment.
It is not only parents who are creating violence among children schools are equally responsible for that. Schools duty is to prevent such kind of issues but there are times when schools do not pay attention towards these issues. Strict action not taken by school is a kind of invitation to the kids who are exhibiting violence in the school. They will continue to do these violent activities in the schools without any problem. But if school takes strict action against them then they will be scared of doing it again.
Media and films are equally responsible for violence in children. A large amount of action, killing and fights are being showed in the Hollywood films and media. This boosts the violence among kids. They learn new ways of fighting and killing from these TV shows and films and practice them in schools over other children.
Today everybody is quite busy with their work. Parents and teachers do not have time for the children. They are not getting proper love, affection, support and guidance. This increases their violence. At the time of difficulty they really don’t know where to go and to whom they should ask for help.
Friends who are having violent nature will make the other children violent too.
Above all are the reasons that can increase violence but if effective efforts are done then it can be controlled easily.