Factors that are of great influence for a child to commit school violence

One morning while drinking your coffee you chance upon the headline on the newspaper which reads “Another incident of school violence resulted in the injury of numerous students”.  The normal and initial reaction would be to get angry against these children who committed the act of violence.  In the end you even start abusing these children.

However, have you ever tried to find out why these children are becoming so violent?  Why do they end up killing other children?  What has happened to them, enough to make them loose all sense of humanity?

Give it a thought, and you might just be surprised as to why this is happening.  Read on if you may, but be prepared for the truth.

No one is born with a violent nature.  Essentially, children are easily influenced by different factors around them, from the environment where they grew up and the circumstances that they face everyday.  Children learn a lot from experience and from example.  If they grew up in a home where in domestic violence is everyday routine, then they will acquire such violent behavior and start practicing it on others because they think that this is the correct thing to do.  Divorce right now is becoming more and more popular among couples.  They get married to be able to live together, but at some point, just after some quarrel or misunderstanding they decide to have a divorce just because they are unable to adjust to the concept of a married life.  What they usually forget is that such issues have drastic effects on a child.  A divorce can mentally scar a child, especially for a 5 or 6 year old thinks that this kind of situation is normally had imprints that in his mind thinking about a possibility that this will also be the king of attitude he needs when he grows up.  In essence, if we really want a child to grow up with a positive attitude in life, then parents need to nurture and create a stress-free and violence free environment for the child.

However, we can’t just totally blame this to irresponsible parents.  The school too, plays an important role in a child’s mental development.  If a school fails to address and correct violent behavior within their walls, and let’s acts of violence happen every now and then without taking action, then it will also affect the child.  If only schools will be responsible enough and take serious actions into correcting these kinds of behavior, then incidents of school violence will be prevented from happening again.

Equally sharing the responsibility of instilling in the mind of children that violence is normal are various films and the media.  Hollywood films and movies are full of violent scenes, killings and fighting that once a child watches them, they learn new ways on how to fight and eventually how to kill somebody.  In turn, children practice this new found knowledge on other kids at school.

In today’s era, everybody is busy with work and business.  Most parents and teacher can’t find time to spend with the children.  This in turn deprives a child with the much needed love, care, affection and support that they need from their parents and teachers.  It increases the chance that a child will result to violent behavior because they do not know who to turn to or who to ask for help in times when they are faced with difficulties and problems.

Friends who engage in violent activities also influence other children to do the same.

All of the above are the reasons that eventually cause a child to develop violent attitude.  The only way to prevent such violent behavior is to take effective steps and exert enough effort in trying to correct them.