Mind issues that play a part in campus violence

What could be the causes for violence and killings in school?


There might be lot of reasons why there is violence in schools but the biggest or the most important factor is something to so with the psyche of he kids. The act of violence originates from the mind and not from the hand, which is something that one must understand. No kid is born violent, it is the circumstance around him that inculcates violent behaviour.


There are many factors relating to the psyche of he children which makes the kids violent. They are a s following:



v  Family problems: Nowadays parents are getting divorced ab it too quickly and when they take such extreme steps, they do not even care as to what could be the kind of effect the divorce would have on their kids that too at such an early age. These things affect the mental state of the kid which in turn makes it violent and impossible to bring under control.

v  Peer pressure: The parents of the current age expect lots from their children and they want their kids to do well in all the things they get into. This extra burden on the children stresses out the kids and they vent out their stress in the form of violence by not affecting themselves but by also affecting the people around them.

v  Violence and brawls: Domestic violence plays a huge part in grooming the kid in the wrong way. Kids see their parents abuse each other and at times also get physical with each other. As parents are the first teachers or any kid, they learn all these things very easily form their parents and do the same thing in school.

v  Mental state of mind: If your child is very quite and keeps himself away from most of the things happening around him, then it means that he is going through some sort of depression which might result in violence or fatal attacks.

v  Companions: It is very important that the kid goes a round with people who have the right attitude towards life. Right attitude over here means non violent attitude. If the kid is with friends who are violent and indulge in violent activities, then the kid will also be violent.

v  Popularity: Children want to be famous in school and be there in the spotlight always. If they are not able to get that spotlight or become the center of attraction through just means then they resort to violence as it is quicker and an easy passport to violence.

v  No love and warmth makes them feel bad too: If the kid is not given love and affection by the parents, then there are many chances of the kids feeling left out and resorting to violence to get out of that feeling. So it is important to love these kids and show them some warmth.



The things mentioned above were some of the psychological factors that cause violent behaviour in kids and if the parents wan to keep a check on their kids behaviour, then they should keep all these things in mind.