Things that motivate violence in school

Nowadays whenever we open the papers, the first thing that we are most likely to see in the first page or the headline is school violence and the students affected by that violence. When you read such things you feel that the kids who are indulging in such activities should be shot dead.


Bur no one really thinks why are these children indulging in violent activities or what is making them do all these things? Why are they becoming animals or why do they want to see bloodshed or killings?


We will look at this article and probably get the answers for these questions.


We have to remember one thing that no is violent when born it is the external factors like environment and human beings that make them violent. There are lot of things that children grasp from what they see around and if the thing that they are seeing around is violence, then they would grab that as well. People nowadays are getting married not to spend the rest of their lives together but to spend some good time with each other and then get divorced. But while getting divorced, they do not think about their children and what could be the kind of impact that could be there on the children. Parents of this generation have become very self centered and do not care about things around themselves. If a kid lives with such parents then it is natural and obvious that he would grow up to become a very violent kid in the future. So it is necessary that such parents think about their parents before getting divorced as the kind of upbringing the give to the child has a lot of impact on them.


There are schools which do not pay proper attention to violent activities that happen on their campus and as a result even they are contributing indirectly to violence along with the parents at home. If the school does not penalize these trouble making students, then the students would think that they have got a green signal from the school to carry such activities in the future and nothing would be don to them for that too. But, on the other hand, if the school shows a stricter face, then the students would be intimidated and would think twice before committing such things in the future.


Along with the school and parents, media is also playing an important role in promoting such violent activities among students. As these kids see lot of violent movies, they think that it is cool to do such things and end up doing that in school. Kids learn innovative and different ways of tackling things in a violent manner which they would have not learned otherwise.


What the kids are missing today is love and affection from their parents. They do not get the same kind of attention from their parents as they used to get before because their parents have become very busy with their work. As a result when there is trouble, they do not know where to go and whom to ask for assistance. 


The friends’ violent activities also affect the kids.


The above mentioned things were some of the reasons why kids are becoming violent now.